About us

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain with an experience lasting since 1977, Kreband boasts a reliable distribution network spread worldwide which let us be close from the main production centres.

We rely on our workforce experts in the zipper manufacturing industry. Kreband’s multidisciplinary team of professionals works with enthusiasm responding to customers’ needs and bringing solutions to their production process. From the very beginning, we provide high quality and modern zippers to sectors like garment, upholstery and suitcases or bags and especially for the footwear market, in which we are specialized in.

  • Design and technology

    Having the most innovative and pioneering machinery empowers us to be updated with the latest trends of the market. Our installations are fully equipped, ready to produce fast and efficiently at any time.

  • What we do

    We manufacture nylon, metal and moulded zippers for the footwear, leather and textile industries, adapting the production to the market request, always reaching high production standards.

  • Our goal

    To reinvent and innovate in the zipper industry and turning zippers into a relevant complement, while offering a faithful customer service wherever customers are.