KB zippers are supplied to several markets, such as footwear, upholstery, haberdashery, bags or garment. KB concern is to provide the best zipper type according to the applications they are going to have, while attending customers with all the technical information necessary.


Kreband provides zippers for the footwear sector. We supply our customers with strong zippers which are an essential component for boots, shoes, sandals or sneakers. We have from the more basic zippers to others more sophisticated.


Although it is not common to see zippers in upholstery at first sight, there is many hidden zipper chain in coaches, mattress and pillows. That’s why Kreband wants to enhance and ease the maintenance of the upholstery efficiently, all thank to the usage of zippers in that sector.


No matter which textile you want to use or where you want to sew the zipper. KB has got zippers which can be sewed to all textiles and are suitable to the garment industry. Therefore we put on your disposal a wide range of zippers manufactured in different materials.

Bags and suitcases

Zippers on bags are a remarkable part of such a distinguished accessory that both, fashion factor and functionality are important. Due to the accuracy in which KB zippers have been manufactured KB offers zippers with high standards of quality and design for bags, luggage, and leather goods.


For haberdashery market KB has an excellent choice of zippers suitable for all kind of apparel. KB also personalizes the zipper labels for haberdashery wholesalers with their logo; hence they can be sold straightaway to the final consumer.