Haberdashery solutions

Zippers Put Up

We sell the zippers in bobbin dimension or bags of 50 uds. In each 50 zippers’ bag, small packs of 10 zippers are made to facilitate the selling process to our customers.
  • Industry packing

    Bags of 50 zippers

  • Wholesaler packing

    Bags of 10 zippers

  • Retailer packing

    Single zipper

  • Zipper in chain

    For haberdashery the bobbins we sell are chains of zipper N.3 and N.6 with 25m in each.

  • Sliders

    The sliders come with bags of 100 units. We have a wide range of colors and sizes.

Zippers displays

Kreband offers a display for its customers, where you can organize all the KB zipper’s offer.
  • Capacity for

    2.250 zippers

  • Capacity for

    1.200 zippers